M.E.T.A. Ch. 3

So anyways guys, I changed Sam’s powers a little bit and added mental projection onto it. If you go back you’ll see it. Enjoy the new chapter.


Chapter 3: The Duel and More Training



As Techno’s voice echoed across the ocean Crystillion’s hand stretched and flattened. It now resembled a sword as Crystillion charged towards EM. A bunch of rocks floated up and grabbed onto Crystillion. He was flung towards the rocky middle of the island.


He landed, making a crater where he landed. A cloud of dust came from the crater. I looked back at EM. He had his hands pointed towards the ground and miniature tornadoes were forming from them. Suddenly he took off into the air. EM flew towards Crystillion. Crystillion had just stood up in the crater he had made.


EM lifted his hands as the tornadoes lifting him shifted down to his feet. A miniature storm formed above him, lightning crackling down towards Crystillion. I could hear the thunder from here. The lightning hit him with no effect. His laugh boomed out.


Crystillion’s hand shifted from into a sort of claw. He thrust his hands towards EM. His hands extended and grabbed onto EM. Crystillion closed his hand and slammed him downwards. A column of earth shot upwards, causing Crystillion’s arm to slow down. EM then made water shoot from the ocean to him and used it to soften his landing. EM caused rocks to hit the arm gripping him but causing no damage though I could hear the sonic booms from the speed they were going.


Suddenly the water that still surrounded EM sunk into Crystillion’s arm somehow. EM froze the water, causing his arm to splinter into pieces. Rock slid over Crystillion, encasing his stump for an arm and the rest of his body in a couple feet thick sheets of rock.


I heard a faint sound, like when you hear people cutting metal. I grabbed my ears. I couldn’t stand that noise. It was worse than fingernails scraping chalkboard. The earth shell cracked into pieces, releasing Crystillion in a splintering explosion of rock. Spikes covered his skin, moving around at blurring speed, a lot like a chainsaw.


He stood still for a second as he looked at EM. Then he once again laughed. I could see his lips moving but I could hear nothing of what he said. EM suddenly made the water he was sitting in rise up while he stood on a bit of ice. Hundreds of pebbles flew up to him. The pebbles all flew towards Crystillion. Crystillion turned his arms into shields and covered his face. The pebbles turned into dust as they hit him. A continuous stream of sonic booms carried faintly over the water.


I could see what Crystillion couldn’t see. EM had raised more pebbles behind him. The pebbles shot forward and hit Crystillion on the back. He turned around and swung one of his shield arms to help protect him. The pebbles were now flying towards Crystillion’s sides. Even more pebbles pummeled all his sides. Crystillion fell to his knees from the assault.


Water surrounded Crystillion as they went into miniscule fractures in his crystal skin. The water froze, causing Crystillion’s body, except for the head, to shatter into pieces. I gasped thinking that Crystillion was surely dead.


To my amazement, the crystal pieces of his body merged together to form an unharmed hero. He raised his hands towards EM. Crystal shards shot out of his hands and hit EM in the leg. EM staggered back as the shards hit him. Surely they must have caused him to bleed. Crystillion leaped upwards but missed EM as he fell down. He had lost his concentration from the pain and the water column collapsed.


Right before he hit the ground he gained his concentration and made the water catch him again. With a huge splash he landed safely. Crystillion landed safely about 100 feet away, making another small crater when he landed though this time he stayed on his feet.


Rock flew towards EM. The rock covered him in a sort of armor. The crystal shard fell out of his leg onto the ground. Crystillion jumped, covering the distance between them quickly. EM manipulated the rock armor and flew upwards, out of his reach.


Crystillion launched crystals out of his hand again but EM stayed far up in the air. Rock walls floated next to him and stopped the crystal shards. EM repeatedly attacked Cystillion  with more lightning, hitting him with rock, sand, water, ice, freezing him, and even spreading his crystals far apart. Unfortunately the crystal parts always seemed to cut through any barriers or cages they were in. Nothing stopped Crystillion from reforming.


Various forms of crystal attacks was launched at EM but none of them reached him. It was unfortunate that Crystillion couldn’t fly. He could also not control any parts of his body that left him unless he was coming together. An interesting move though was when he grew over 30 feet tall and tried to punch EM. Of course EM just flew farther away.


The stalemate might have continued for a longer time until water flowed from the ocean. It surround Crystillion in a ball and lifted him up. Extending his arms he tried to grab onto the ground but his arms were shattered by the pebbles controlled  by EM.


Since he was trapped in the air inside the ball of water Crystillion no longer had anything to push off of. He wasn’t completely helpless since he could still shoot crystals at EM but he easily avoided them like before. After a while Crystillion held up his hands in surrender while laughing.


With that settled EM released Crystillion. Both of them flew over to the platform after that. Of course Crystillion was on a rock platform that EM controlled since he couldn’t fly himself.


Vortex clapped as they came back. “Well I’m impressed. I mean, wow. That was some great firepower Elemental Master and a brilliant way of using your elemental form Crystillion. Anyways I have to get back to my job so if you want I can drop you both off somewhere.” He said.


Techno spoke up immediately. “Elemental Master and I are doing some dual training. If you could drop off everyone but Crystillion at the tech training room that would be great.”


“Great.” Vortex said. “How about you Crystillion. Where do you want to go.”


Crystillian thought for a second before shaking his head. “Nope. I don’t have any specific place I’m needed at. How about you drop me off at the teleporters center. I think one of them can drop me off home.”


Vortex nodded in agreement. “Sure can do. Alright, majority first. All aboard.” As he spoke he made a circle with his hands just like at the hospital. Once again a vortex appeared. Waving goodbye to Vortex I stepped through.


We were in a blank room with four doors. One was labeled exit while the others said Spare Parts, Finished Machines, Plans. I assume this was the place that Sam would be trained by Techno. Sam was looking excited by the time we got there.



“So Sam, you finally ready to test out your powers?” I asked him with a grin on my face.


“Heck yeah! I can’t wait to show my dad when  I get home!” Sam was definitely pumped up and had a grin on his face from ear to ear. I think the fight got him riled up a little.

“There we go, that’s the spirit.” Elemental Master said with an encouraging grin.


Techno shook his head at the gung-ho manipulator.”Anyways what we need to test out first is your technopath ability. It can mean different things but the most common is being able to ‘see’ technology and be aware of its presence. Some are able to control it and others are just able create things even though they have no idea how.”


Sam took a deep breath before speaking. “Okay. I’m ready.”


“Okay now come on over here.” Techno said. He lead Sam over to an empty table. Then he walked into the room labeled Finished Machines. He brought out a phone from the inside. I was confused but assumed that Techno would have a plan.


“Okay. We are going to test out if you can sense technology. Now first you have to…” Techno started to explain what Sam had to do in order to grasp his technological abilities. I was of course interested in what was being explained but I didn’t have the chance.


Elemental Master tapped me on the shoulder. As I looked at him in curiosity he started talking. “Now I have to explain a little bit more in depth as to the characteristics of elementals. As I am sure you saw, elementals can remake their bodies. As far as physical attacks go, elementals are basically indestructible.”


“Even if you shatter every part of their body then they can still reform. If a water elemental freezes then they just become an ice elemental until they thaw. Honestly the best way to deal with one is mental attacks or trapping them like I did.”


“If I remember correctly you have a class 6 body abilities and you buddy over there has a class 2 right?”

I nodded.


“Okay. Since you don’t know what that means I’ll just go ahead and tell you. We separate classes by how much you can lift. Class 1 can lift 5 tons, class 2 10 tons, class 3 15 tons, and so on and so on. After class 10 then we reach Titan classes.


“For some reason we have never had someone reach above 60 tons without being a Titan. Titans class 1 can lift between 70-100 tons. Then class 2 can lift 120-150, class 3 170-200 and so on and so on. The real difference between a body class and a Titan is density. The density of a Titan’s skin is unreal, they can even take a shot from a tank and walk away without a scratch. A body type 10 however may have some nasty bruising or scorched hair. Below a type 7 there would be broken bones or even death.”


“But there is a downside. Every superhero can heal extremely fast. Class 6 body types and below can heal a broken bone in a matter of hours. Class 7-10 would take a day or two. However Titan’s can’t. The best we can tell it is because of their bodies dense muscles and bones. They can take anywhere from a week to a month.”


“Now then, do you know anything about superhero types?” Elemental Master asked me while raising an eyebrow from behind his mask.


I nodded. Sam with his hero worship certainly did share a lot of superhero facts. “Yeah. I know there is a lot of different types of powers but the combative ones can be put into five categories. There is enhanced, mental, blaster, mutant, and manipulator.”


Elemental Master nodded. “That’s correct. Enhanced include people with bodies that are beyond human abilities and are pretty common. Typically people like titans, speedsters, and just a slightly enhanced physique.” (Think hulk, flash, and captain america.)


“Mental abilities are varied and have many effects. Mental projection, telepathy, mind control, flight, and technopaths are just a couple. Blasters are people who can, like it’s suggested, blast things. Typically they can shoot fire out of their hands, electricity, that kind of thing.”


“Mutants are a special case. These are people who have…abnormal changes. The abnormalities are varied like growing scales, changing skin color, and even gaining animal parts. Most of these mutants have bladed appendages that are extremely tough. They can even cut through a titan’s skin. The most common are fingernails turning into claws.”


“Last of all are manipulators. These are people who can manipulate things around them or themselves. Telekinesis, elementals, shape shifters, and your earth abilities are just a couple.” I nodded at each description. Most of this I knew. According to this I was an enhanced, blaster and manipulator type of metahuman.


“Now listen carefully.” He had a very serious expression as he looked at me. “I don’t expect you to join M.E.T.A., that is not the reason we are showing you your powers. The reason we are doing so is so that you can control your powers and don’t hurt someone. Now if you do run into someone using their powers you will know how to identify their abilities. Report it to M.E.T.A. immediately. That is all I ask as a decent human being.”


I nodded, my face serious. “Of course. Any decent person would do that. Besides as a meta myself I can probably report a more accurate description of their abilities anyways.”


Elemental Master grinned and slapped my back. It felt more like a tap than a full force blow. “There you go, that’s the right spirit. Anyways since your training is over I have to report back to HQ. Just wait until Techno is done okay?”


“Okay.” I replied and looked over at Sam. Elemental Master left through the exit while I observed them working. On the table the phone was gone and in it’s place was a bunch of random parts. There was circuit boards, rubber bands, nails, anything remotely related to building things was right there in front of them.


Parts were floating up in front of Sam before reassembling into… something. The various parts were very small though and before long they all combined together to create a watch. “Yes, I did it!” Sam said, his face flush with excitement.


“Congratulations.” Techno clapped Sam on the back grinning at him. “You just created a smart watch from hand. So now we know you can a) control technology, b) make technology, and c) you have a very fine control over your telekinesis. All we have to test now is telepathy, mental projection, and mental manifestation.”


Sam had a confused look on his face. “Yeah, but what about the quantum brain? I never tested that.”


Techno waved his hand in dismissal. “We can’t. Honestly having a Quantum brain just means you can think faster and memorize things.”


“Hey, isn’t that cheating? I mean, now you can actually get good grades huh Sam?” I called out from where I was sitting at. Sam turned and grinned at me.


“No worries bro. That just means more movie time.” We looked at each other for a moment before laughing. It was over quickly though.


“Ahem.” Techno cleared his throat. “Anyways, back to before. Mental projection is essentially being able to send your mind out and view things. It’s similar to an out of body experience. Now go ahead and sit down in case you collapse.”


Techno whispered a couple things in Sam’s ear. He nodded and closed his eyes. Suddenly his body slumped over. A few seconds later his eyes opened up, panic written all over his face.


“Huff. Huff. Huff.” Sam gasped for air as he calmed himself down. Techno started to give him some advice. “Calm down. Most people can’t handle the experience.Now. Never fly through a person when you are mentally projecting yourself. Some people who can project themselves can take over their body like it is their own. So as a precaution try to avoid that.”


After a bit Sam calmed down. “It was awful. I felt so exposed doing that. I mean, at first it was great. I could fly and float, do whatever I wanted. But then I just started panicking. I have no idea why but I felt like I needed some sort of body or I was going to die.”


Techno nodded. “Trust me, I understand. I feel the sameway. Only when i’m possessing my robots or my body do I truly feel safe. Tell me when you feel calm enough to continue the training.”


“Don’t worry buddy. I’m here for you. Everything’s all right.” I comforted Sam as he gradually calmed down.


“Ok. I’m good. Thanks bro.” Sam said as he calmed down.


“Okay, now we’ll concentrate on telepathy. Just try speaking to one of us without talking. It should be easy.”


Do you hear me Tony?‘ I heard Sam say in my mind.


Yeah. Telepathy is awesome huh.‘ I tried replying back.


It is kinda cool. So when we get home are we gonna…. Crap. I think our house got trashed.


As soon as he mentioned that my eyes grew big. ‘Holy crap. It is isn’t it. Welp. That’s not good. Do you think we can get your mom to help us?’


‘I don’t know. We’ll just have to try our luck.’ Sam’s mental voice had some traces of hesitation.


“I assume from the changing expressions that you can indeed use telepathy.” Techno said. Sam nodded.


“Great. Now for the last part. Mental manifestation is basically where you create something with your mind. Just try it, everyone’s is different.”


Sam closed his eyes and after a couple seconds a glowing suit appeared around him. It was like a medieval knight’s suit of armor but it was black with a blue circle in the middle of the chest and back area. A blue glowing strip covered where they eyes were supposed to be. Two black rods with blue tips were on the side of his suit.


“Sweet!” A metallic voice came from inside the suit.


Techno smiled at him. “Now try to summon something else.” We waited for a little bit but nothing happened. Well, except for a barrels popping up on the gauntlet of his suit.


The newly knighted Sam shrugged. “I can’t do it. I’m not sure why but I can’t. The only thing I can do is change the suit a little.”

“It’s fine.” Techno reassured him. “It’s normal to only be able to summon one thing. I knew this one dude. The only thing he could do was make bubbles. I mean seriously bubbles?”


We all laughed at that. Techno walked up to Sam and lightly tapped his chest armor. It made a metallic ringing sound. He nodded.


“That’s great, it’s tangible. Some mental constructs aren’t.” He looked at both of us. “Okay I think we covered everything. Now come with me you two.”


He lead us to the exit and went down the hallway. After a long time we came to a stop outside of this place called the exercise room. “Now here we are gonna test some questions I have.”


Stepping inside there was some treadmills, weights (though most were in tons), and a punching bag with a digital display around it.


“Now. Go ahead and punch it.” He gestured to the bag. Sam had taken off his armor once we had gone out of the previous room. Sam nodded and hit it with the palm of his had, like sensei had taught us.


The bag didn’t even move though Sam started clutching his palm. “Oww. Man that stings. What is that thing made of.” He glared at the punching bag.


“Hah. Just some special stuff. Now look at the display.” The digital display now said 13. We looked back at Techno. “That is how much force you hit the bag, in tons. Now you punch it.” He looked at me.


Shrugging I mimicked Sam and hit it with the palm of my hand with all my force. It felt like I was trying to hit a steel wall. “Ouch. It really does sting.” I rubbed my hands together trying to get rid of the unpleasant sensation. The display said 31.


“Okay, now you summon the armor and you go elemental. It doesn’t matter which form.” I shrugged and immediately went into my icicle form, as I had decided to call it. Sam’s armor, including the rods, immediately surrounded him.


“Now take turns hitting it. Keep in mind how strong you are now, okay?” We nodded. Sam hit it with 29 tons of force. It seemed like his suit amplified his force. I hit it with about 80 tons in my icicle form. In my metal form it was 154 and in my earth form it was 112. It actually didn’t sting when I hit it in my elemental forms.


I dimly felt impressed but honestly the whole thing was just so out of touch. I looked at my black, craggy hands. It was so hard to imagine that these hands could hit something with over 100 tons of power. I shook my head. It was too surreal.


Techno shoved on my shoulder, which I dimly felt. “Hey, stop hogging the bag. Let him hit it a couple times.” He turned to Sam. “I know you used your suit but how about you used that weapon of yours this time.” He pointed to the rods.


Sam nodded and waited until I stepped away from the bag. Stepping forwards he gripped the rod. The blue tip glowed brightly and suddenly the rod expanded. Now Sam was holding a 4 foot mace. He looked at it in confusion while Techno clapped.


“Great. How about you try and change the weapons forms.” The mace changed into a sword with a blue blade, then a spear, and finally a staff.


Techno gestured towards the bag. “Now go ahead and try it out.” I myself wanted to see what the effects were. He swung the rod at the bag in its mace form. The entire time me or Sam was throwing punches around, it didn’t even move.


The mace hit the bag and it moved back about an inch. The digital counter lit up. 133 tons. ‘Wow. That was just. I mean….. Yeah, Sam was just too overpowered.’


Techno had a shocked expression as well. Sam himself just stood there. After a second or two Techno shrugged. “Okaaaay then. I would say test it a little more.” Sam nodded then changed it into a staff, a club, and a slightly bigger rod. He forewent the bladed weapons. All of the hits were between 130-140 tons.


“One last thing before we send you back home. Give the second rod to the other guy.” Sam handed it over. I grabbed it.”Now see if you can change the weapons form.”


I looked at Sam. “So how does this thing work anyways.”


“I’m not sure. I just willed it to change and it did.” Following his example I tried to think of the rod as a short mace. It changed. Grinning I hit the bag in my human form. It was 32 tons. An increase of one ton.


Techno nodded again. Seriously, how many times are we going to nod here. ” So no one but you or maybe other mental type superheroes. If I had to guess it would be because you are subconsciously releasing a telekinetic blast when you strike the target.”


“Anyways since you have demonstrated that you can control all of the various abilities you have, you can go home. Be careful since everything will be a lot more fragile than before. Follow me.” He turned to the exit and left while motioning us to to follow.


We went down yet another hallway to an elevator. We rode up it until we reached yet another hallway. I mean, there’s only a couple doors in each of the hallway so why did they make it so long. Recalling the rooms I had been in so far I guess it made sense. They were huge.


This hallway wasn’t large and it only had one door at the end of it.  Techno went up and knocked on it. After a couple seconds it opened. It was a masked person. Their outfit was blue with white sparkles on it and was spandex like everyone else’s. They blinked.


“Techno, have you already given them the run down?” The mysterious person asked.


Techno nodded. “I did Felicitus. Are you ready?”


“Yep. Okay come in guys.” We walked in and sat down on the chairs inside. Suddenly a white energy shot out of the person’s hands and hit my head. The world grew blurry and then black.




Techno saw Felicitus wiping their minds. Letting people know what you’re secret identity was, was definitely a huge leap of faith. So Felicitus was wiping their memories of an face they saw since the meteorites landed. It was better this way.


Afterwards they would be transported to the hospital they woke up in and then sent home. Techno walked out of the room. He had other people to test. He sighed. He had already tested over five people within the past two hours. It was going to be a long day.



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